How does Trodax work?

The positive feedback from our customers proves the ease of use of the Trodax platform. To try our bot it in action and start trading cryptocurrency through the stock exchange, first, you need to register by creating an account that takes only seconds. Then connect Trodax to your account on the stock exchange, go to your account settings, choose the course and strategy, after which you can carry out any transactions for which the service takes the bitcoins. Thus, sending a request, the trading bot works automatically at any time, regardless of your location.

Start by going to Trodax official website.

Users of our service often use the mode of auto trading, where the bot performs all operations for you. It’s is very convenient because all you need to do is choosing the appropriate ratio of profit & risk. The system has a built-in algorithm that selects a currency pair if you have not already done so. First, activate your exchange’s API, and then make a transaction. Thus, the user of the service makes a gain. Create your C.A.T.s bot in the trading section that will buy bitcoins. In case of difficulties, on our website in the FAQ section, there are training videos, you can also ask a direct question to us by mail.

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