Microsoft Dynamics alternatives with a free trial

Microsoft Dynamics () is a sophisticated tool developed to provide medium and large businesses with an opportunity to interact with clients and within the company. Just like with any other solution produced by the large company for the mass market Microsoft Dynamics can have some disadvantages when it comes to customization and user-friendliness. That is why it would be a good idea to consider alternative solutions for your business.


BPM’online was developed as a CRM platform that helps business to manage sales, marketing, client base, and service. Due to the easy integration with other services and advanced BPM platform it allows either to combine this solution with other necessary software and get a reliable workspace for company staff.


When comparing bpm’online with Microsoft Dynamics there is one feature you really should consider – free customization for BPM clients. And another which may be less important, but nevertheless notable is the price per user which is more than 2 times lower than for Microsoft Dynamics. If you are ought to check this solution out there is a 15-days trial period and you can also check other pros and cons of bpm’online on the solution’s website .



This solution is developed for small and medium businesses that need a simple and effective solution to manage different business activities. SugarCRM has developed a solution for with 4 modules:


  • Sales
  • Service
  • Marketing
  • IT


It is good in case you want to divide the function among divisions. There are three packages available for users – Professional (40$ per user), Enterprise (65$ per user) and Ultimate (150$ per user). It is less than for Microsoft Dynamics but far more than for Bpm’online with the minimum package price of 25$ and the maximum package price of 50$. Just like with other business activity management solutions listed above you get a 24/7 support and can apply for a trial period.




It is hard to say which alternative would be the best for your business. However, it can be said that there are three main features that you need to consider when making a choice:


  • customization options
  • user-friendliness
  • price

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