Modbook Pro: your best luxurious tablet computer

Looking for a universal device that can easily combine the functions of a laptop, tablet and smartphone? Just take a look at Modbook Pro – the most powerful tablet computer is already available to purchase!

Modbook Pro: rich functionality and top-notch design

Modbook Pro is the only tablet mac computer in the whole world. Being an incredibly powerful device, it has already attracted thousands of fans. Here we’ve collected a number of incredible features the tablet is ready to offer to its users.

  • Powerful processor. The device can boast to have a whopping 2.9 GHz Core i7-2720QM processor, which is considered to be one of the most powerful options for tablets.
  • Excellent battery. The device can easily operate up to 7 hours with no necessity of charging.
  • Good memory volumes. Modbook Pro has 8GB RAM that is surely enough for tablets.
  • Unbelievable storage space. 3TB mobile storage will surely fit almost any customer. You can easily store tons of games, movies, music and various documents.
  • Windows operating system. The device completely supports the easiest and the most famous operating system, as well as the majority of its embedded programs.
  • 2 USB ports for maximum convenience.

All in all, the device surely meets all the modern industry standards. However, its average price ($5,000) is hardly affordable. But, if you are ready to try lån på minuttet, Modbook Pro can be yours in a matter of minutes!

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