The Service Which We All Have Been Waiting To Appear – ICO Catalog

ICO Catalog is a website which gives valuable information about cryptocurrency. ICO rating and calendar, articles and posts are created for those who want to become an expert in tokens.

Meet a new service – ICO Catalog. It was created for those who are interested in cryptocurrency. There is everything investors and ICO makers should know. Let’s take a look at the website.

Compare altcoins

There are almost 300 ICOS on the mentioned website. The authors take them and compare in different indexes. For estimation they collect experts’ reviews, users’ opinion and all that developers give in Whitepapers and terms and conditions. So the coins are shown in a table and ICO calendar.

ICO Rating

All tokens are estimated on average per 30 days on the following criterions:

– Traffic;

– Activity;

– Evaluation;

– Messages;

– Backlinks;

– Potency.

So you can choose the specific names and compare them. It’ll help to find the most profitable variants.

ICO Calendar

This section is devoted to representing the dates of start and end. All coins are shown with colorful circles on the real calendar. It helps to find the right moment for making an investment and get the biggest earnings.


A page with articles is a discovery for newcomers. If you have to earn on crypto in plans, this website will give you all basic knowledge. How to buy tokens, which wallet is the best, how to protect yourself from cyber-criminals, and how to become an investor – all of these are available.

Now there’s a website with objective information for newcomers and experts. Don’t waste your time on doubtful services and visit ICO Catalog.

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