Online Pharmacy vs Your Local Pharmacy: Who’s the Winner?

The internet shopping grasps more and more spheres, so buying drugs online isn’t surprising anymore. New things are always hard to accept, that’s why this way of shopping is still controversial. Today we’ll try to find out the main similarities and differences between offline and online purchasing and show you the advantages and disadvantages.

Prices: where is it cheaper to buy drugs?

Of course, the cost of every product depends on the manufacturer, ingredients, and quality, but we’ll try to speak about the prices in general.

  • The price in your local pharmacy is a combination of different factors looks in the following way:
    a drug’s price + shipping + space lease + workers’ salary + shop’s gains – a few percents using a loyalty program (if you have one).
  • The price in an online medical store looks a little bit different:
    a drug’s price + shipping (sometimes it’s free) + shop’s gains + workers’ salary – personal discount – seasonal offer.

Taking into account the fact that the drugs’ prices are lower in online stores and all offers and discounts, it’s evident that the prices are lower. It’s a usual practice when you don’t pay for shipping, and it’s absolutely free if you’ve made an order at a specific cost.

1:0 in favor of the online variant.

Time: the fastest place for shopping

To get the drugs your doctors prescribed, you’ll need to find a local pharmacy, spend some time in transport, show your prescription, wait until a pharmacy worker finds the suitable dosage and give it to you, pay for it and go home. Sometimes, there aren’t necessary pills or drops, and you should repeat this journey once again.

Shopping in an My Battle Creek Pharmacy wins in this case. Just type all you need to a searching bar or find the drugs using filters, click on one button to add pills to a shopping cart and make an order. If you buy drugs using a prescription, you’ll have to show it too. But let’s be honest, everything is faster if to do it online.

2:0 in favor of Internet shopping.

Safety: which store is more protected?

It goes without saying, that it’s easier to check the license of the offline store. That’s why a lot of people still choose the old variant. But do you really look at the documents before buying? It’s doubtful. Speaking about online stores, it depends on you. Finding a reliable shop isn’t as hard as you think. Just be careful and, if it’s possible, consult with a doctor before making an order.

The first plus to offline pharmacies: 2:1

The range of products: where is it wider?

Offline stores are full of medical supplements, they usually have everything patients need, especially, when they work under a reliable brand and famous for their work experience. There are some cases when necessary pills are out of stock, and you have to go to another store. The variety of products also depends on the region. There may be a situation when there are no necessary pills in your city, state, or country.

Online stores are great because they show the range of products at once, you always know whether suitable drugs are in place or not. Especially, if you use a direct Google search. The system just won’t show you the website which doesn’t offer the chosen medical supplements. But the variety of products can be limited too, it depends on the manufacturers. The thing which everyone likes about Internet pharmacies is the ability to buy pills no matter where you live if there’s worldwide shipping.

Once again, a plus to online stores – 3:1.

As you can see, we have a flawless victory. Online pharmacies offer a great service which everyone should try. Just be careful and follow the doctor’s

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