Recliners modern tendencies in 2019

Traditional options for recliners are elite chairs for home and office. They are ideally suited for the implementation of such transformation systems: the moving parts of furniture are rather light, with low loads the mechanism lasts longer. The opinion that the recliner chair is only suitable for modern interiors is wrong. In fact, the design of models is diverse, because the assembled tech filling is absolutely not visible.

Look at the Redford chair from Britannica. This chic luxurious model in leather upholstery will look great in a rich classic living room. With the advent of modular furniture, recliners have found their place in the design of sofas: any standard unit can be replaced with a transformer section. Only the foot and back of a certain module move, therefore the mechanism is not subjected to excessive load.

Special things and options

Recliners are built in both directions, and in angular sofas. You can choose a comfortable model for a room of any size and geometry. You can visit and choose the best recliners in 2019. In models, you can implement a whole set of useful functions – recliner, folding or roll-out bed, mini-bar, intermediate elbows with table tops. The optimal place to place a smart sofa is a living room: watch TV, read, or simply relax with maximum convenience.

If there are several transforming sections on the sofa, everyone will be able to choose a position that is convenient for them.


The recliner chair is a great choice for the office. In free minutes it is pleasant and useful to stretch the legs, relax the spine and back muscles. At home, the chair can be placed in front of the fireplace or in a quiet corner away from the hustle and bustle.

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