Music as a part of culture: how does it help to understand others

The music is taken to play a considerable role in the reinforcement of social bonds. By listening to music, people learn the common language that helps to better understand themselves and others, no matter what their cultural or social backgrounds are.

The ways music connects people

Every nation has its own development path with its rich national culture and social values. So, when listening to foreign songs of a new artist, for example on the,  you’re opening a new chapter of discovering new civilizations and their heritage. The history clearly demonstrates us that in times without a possibility to record the music, it was intended to establish contact with others by chasing in the memory some interesting or important events and transferring it through the generations.

Nowadays, we clearly see that having common tastes in music means sharing the same values. That signifies that musical preferences are more than simply common tastes in music, they show an invisible but strong connection between people.

How does the music influence the intercultural relations?

  • By listening to foreign music, you begin to deeply understand the other cultures, their outlook, and style of living, and also you get acquainted more closely with their native language
  • Music improves the perception of the unity spirit and cohesion in society
  • It helps to communicate and comprehend the ideas, emotions, and feeling of other people
  • It contributes the cooperation and increases empathy

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