Boost Your Happiness with Citrus Perfume

Have you ever wondered why citrus perfume made it to a separate category when there’s a fruity one? Mostly because these perfumes have unique characteristics. However, it’s also because they are so popular that every brand tried to release their own fragrances with citrus noted. This variety is big enough to make a separate category. Today, we’ll talk more about citrus and why you need to add at least one fragrance from this category to your perfume wardrobe.

What makes citrus notes so unique?

The citrus smell is proved to influence a person’s mood. You are sure to feel more energetic, happy, and inspired. The lively perfume is sure to make your morning bright. When you explore the variety of citrus perfumes at Perfume Dor, you’ll see that they contain lemon, mandarin, orange, grapefruit notes, etc. However, very often (in most cases really) they are infused with other notes. You can find the combination of citrus notes with woody or spicy ingredients. It’ll deliver a sexy and absolutely reinvented impression.

The most widespread is the combination of citrus notes with floral ones. It’s a light and bright scent for everyday life and energizing mornings. You should try Clinique Happy, Mary Kay Velocity, Jo Malone Grapefruit, etc. All of them have citrus notes which will make your day.

Mind that such perfume is great to start your morning or drive you through the day. Use it for brunch, a baby shower, walk in the park, etc. However, you should pick something else for the evening outing.

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