4 Types of software testing and when you need to use each one

What are the most important types of software testing? What are the main purposes of each kind of testing? When should you perform each one? Find detailed answers to all these questions right here.

Common types of software testing

The software testing process is usually long and challenging. Since it remains to be incredibly time-consuming, many companies are often trying to skip some stages of testing during their product development. Here is a list of the most important kinds of software testing and a brief description on when you need to perform each of them.

  • Unit testing. Unit testing is usually performed to make sure all parts of the product or service are working properly.
  • Integration testing. This kind of testing is developed to find out, whether all the units precisely integrate with each other. It is usually performed when adding new units.
  • System testing. It is a combination of integration and unit testing. It is designed to check the overall performance of your software.
  • User acceptance testing. Try to examine your software from the user’s viewpoint. Perform this kind of testing to brush up your software.

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