The Pros and Cons of Using Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are very helpful since they help the clients get the needed data protecting them on the way. People have been very focused on protecting their identities on the Internet, so the popularity of proxies is the obvious outcome. However, like everything also proxies also have their pros and cons. Let’s dwell on the topic and list all advantaged and disadvantages of using proxy servers.
First, and the most popular reason people more and more often start using proxies is the security of your IP address. The great advantage is that your proxy hides your IP or substituted it with another one. The browsing activity cannot be traced back to you because your activities are totally anonymous. If you still don’t have this feature, go to and get yourself a proxy. The second feature it provides is the reduction of load. This is what caching proxies are good at. They basically store the data from the websites you visit and the next time you reach for it, the data is taken from the server, i.e. it speeds up the browsing. The next thing the proxies are popular for is the ability to control the services. It’s like the parental control feature on TV. Your settings will define what websites or content cannot be reached. It’s often observed in school, offices of big companies, etc. to eliminate the chance of kids seeing the inappropriate content or to keep the workers focused on the job instead of social media or video streaming. However, you can go around it and access your social media profiles like Instagram by going to The fourth big advantage is the extra layer of security. Aside from hiding your IP address, proxies protect you from hackers and malware infections. Your PC doesn’t go directly to the websites as you get the data from your proxy server. It greatly reduces the chance of catching a virus or have your identity stolen.
On the other hand, there are still some drawbacks (some of them can be avoided). First of all, it requires money. Yes, it’s an investment into your security but, at the same time, it’s another check to your bills. You can try and go get a free proxy but it can lead to another huge problem. They are very unreliable and can do even more damage. By getting a reliable server, you can eliminate this drawback. Another inconvenience is that sometimes the configurations don’t work together, so make sure to check if the proxy meets your requirements. What’s more, be careful with cache data. Although it’s one of the pros in the list, it can be leaked, etc. and cause some data loss on your side.

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